What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a relationship-based interactive practice that aids a leader in increasing situational awareness, improving decision-making, and innovating new solutions to challenges. The coaching process is a space in which a leader can grow by creating new perspective and discover new answers within themselves.

What Leadership Coaching is not?

Leadership Coach is not counseling. Leadership Coaching focuses on situations, interactions, behaviors, and emotions as they relate to leadership and organizations. Leadership Coaching, technically and ethically speaking, is not a tool for diagnosing or treating psychological, emotional, or behavioral conditions. Clients seeking diagnosis and treatment for the previously mentioned should consult a physician or psychologist.

Guaranteed benefits of coaching…

Growing Employees, New and Seasoned Managers, and Career Changes:

  1. Ideas for ways to improve yourself and your organization that you may not see at present;
  2. Deep learning that can lead to a new or renewed perspective, understanding, and appreciation for leadership…not just management;
  3. The cold truth that others may not tell you;
  4. Tireless support and development for leadership skills and competencies; and,
  5. Empowerment to excel measured by hard results and greater productivity that can lead to promotions, more responsibility, and a better quality of life.

High-Potential Managers and Executives:

  1. Identify executive strengths and developmental needs;
  2. Leverage existing strengths and improve performance;
  3. Positive and sustainable behavior development;
  4. Learn coaching skills that can be implemented; and,
  5. Regular, ongoing feedback and support during coaching to assure professional development.

The Service:

  1. First, Altitude will assess the individual needs of individual leaders using a brief online survey.
  2. Second, an Altitude Coach will contact the leader to establish a convenient schedule, as well as establish the direction of the professional coaching relationship, the goals, key result areas, and growth accountability.
  3. Third, an Altitude Coach will meet with the leader for six sessions, either in person, on the phone, or on video media. In each meeting (roughly 60 minutes), the leader will choose topics, challenges, or experiences to discuss and the Coach and the leader will then deconstruct and critically analyze them. At the conclusion of each meeting, the leaders will return to the organization with new insights, techniques, perspectives, and strategies.


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