What is Leadership Consulting?

Leadership Consulting is a transformative business service that evaluates current management and leadership strategies as well as the management and supervisory infrastructure within an organization. Leadership consultants assist clients in leveraging their existing talent and skills to maximize performance by improving the leadership through acquisition, education, optimization, and empowerment. Leadership consultants team with organizations’ top professionals to develop strategies that will propel the organization to reach and exceed goals. In short, Altitude has solutions to correct challenges to execution and competency.

What Leadership Consulting is not?

Leadership consulting is not a quick fix nor a fix-all. Leadership consulting is fact-based transformative process that seeks to disrupt the status quo by identifying leadership challenges and inefficiencies and innovating solutions; it requires deep commitment and a desire for positive change.

Benefits of consulting…

  1. Increased awareness of challenges facing your organization’s leaders;
  2. A pathway to train and teach leaders;
  3. Fully engaged managers, supervisors, and leaders;
  4. Recognition of the leaders that will internalize organization goals and maintain high productivity; and,
  5. Improved teamwork among the different levels of management to get ahead of the competition – proactivity instead of reactivity.

Who is leadership consulting for?

  1. Organizations with new executive leadership;
  2. Organizations that have experienced rapid growth or sustained stagnation;
  3. Organizations experiencing restructurings such as processes, technologies, and policies.
  4. Organizations in which the technical savvy and autonomy of team members require improved awareness of accountability, initiative, and bias-for-action.

The Service:

Step One: Preparation

Altitude will engage in deep discussions with leaders and managers to build rapport and to determine goals.

Step Two: Diagnosis

Through tools like surveys and focus groups, Altitude will systematically gather qualitative and quantitative data about the leadership environment of your enterprise.

Step Three: Analysis

Altitude will review the data and interpret it so that information is actionable, highlighting strengths and challenges.

Step Four: Feedback

Altitude will again engage in deep discourse with leaders and managers to discuss findings and courses of action.

Step Five: Intervention

Altitude will team with your leadership to innovate and design solutions to better employ strengths and rise to challenges.

Step Six: Implementation

Altitude will support and guide leadership in deploying solutions.

Step Seven: Sustainment

Altitude will support your leadership and your enterprise in coping with the changes and the resistance to change.

Step Eight: Adjustment

Altitude will assist in adjusting or redesigning interventions to adapt to changing environments.


With deeply committed organizational leadership, the service can be delivered in 60 days but can take up to 180 days depending on the bandwidth of organizational leadership and the operational tempo of the organization.

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